House rules

The Sussex Prep Kitchen is used by multiple clients each week, therefore, we have created a set of simple 'house rules' to which we request all hirers to agree to for the benefit of all parties:

  1. We operate a “leave it as you find it” policy - please ensure the space is clean and tidy after your session so it’s ready for the next hirer.
  2. Please adhere to the cleaning schedules on the walls - cleaning checklists available if required.
  3. Please respect other hirers’ session bookings.
  4. All prep sessions to be pre-booked and pre-paid in advance (overruns are chargeable).
  5. Please respect your session booking times - if you’d like to extend your session, please contact us to book and pay for it in advance.
  6. Strictly no open flame cookery or deep-fat frying - electric ovens, induction hobs & air-fryers only.
  7. Please check the fridges and freezers are closed on exiting.
  8. Please conserve electricity - switch off lights and empty fridges.
  9. Please keep the unit secure - close windows and lock doors on exiting.
  10. The Sussex Prep Kitchen has a strictly NO SMOKING policy.
  11. No children are allowed for health and safety reasons.
  12. Please report any breakages or issues immediately.

Please note that 24/7 CCTV is in operation at the Sussex Prep Kitchen, recording both sound and images. Whilst this is primarily a crime prevention and safety measure, it will also be used to monitor hirers' activity and adherence to these house rules.